Mac OS X notes

As of October 2006, OS 10.2 is no longer supported.

As of April 2007, the Macintosh bundles are just like any of the other Unix bundles. Both the source and binary bundles can be used with a framework and a non-framework Python installation. The binary bundles are compiled with a non-framework Python but can also be used with a framework Python (the Python version must match; this is checked at install time).

The source code bundles can be used if Apple's Xcode tools are installed (free download at

If a source code bundle is used it is crucial to increase the stacksize before starting the compilation:

    limit stacksize 8192k
If the stacksize is too small the compiler will crash with internal compiler errors.

PyMOL & cctbx under Mac OS X

The cctbx can be used from within PyMOL but a special Framework build of PyMOL is required. cctbx/cctbx/examples/ demonstrates how the cctbx can be used from within PyMOL.